School Priorities

There are 4 key areas of focus for the year 2020-2021:

  1. Recovery from lost learning in English and maths
  2. Secure and consistent curriculum implementation
  3. Character development
  4. Improving attendance

The priorities for the school this year are to continue to improve outcomes for all pupils through ensuring that:

  • all teaching is always good with expectations of adults and children always high;
  • accurate assessment identifies gaps in learning and addresses educational deficit within rapid catch up sequences;
  • staff training and leadership development builds capacity and a skilled workforce who are able to meet the needs of all pupils, and support their achievement;
  • early reading and the acquisition of vocabulary is prioritised in EYFS and Year 1;
  • learning focus in CLL is clearly reflected in the EYFS environment;
  • the implementation of a coherently sequenced curriculum enables new knowledge to be learnt and key skills to be applied and embedded;
  • parents understand and support our aspirational aims for the achievement of their children and so enable good attendance;
  • pupils’ behaviour and attitudes are good;
  • pupils develop essential character strengths which motivate them to learn, to participate,  to make a positive contribution, and to build healthy relationships;
  • pastoral support and a broad and ambitious curriculum promotes children’s physical and mental health, and enables their academic potential to thrive.
Ambleside Primary School