Ambleside Primary School Admissions Authority

As Ambleside is now an academy and no longer maintained by the Local Authority, the governing body is the admissions authority and adheres to the DfE Schools Admissions Code. We are still working in Partnership with the Local Authority Admission team and have taken on board their best practice. Please read our Determined Admission Arrangements for more detailed information on this.

The school day and year

Ambleside Primary School meets the purpose to educate our pupils for 380 half day sessions which equates to 190 days in each school academic year. The law requires our school day to be divided into two main sessions with a lunch break in between. In addition to the 190 days, school staff attend a further five days INSET training for professional development. INSET days are published in the September Newsletter each year with a termly reminder.

Legal Measures to ensure school attendance

Parents of compulsory school age which is aged 5 – 11 at Ambleside Primary have a legal duty to ensure their children receive a suitable education by regular attendance at school. For attendance to be at least Good it needs to be 95%+

Catchment Area roads

Please click here to see a map of Ambleside’s Catchment Area.

Ambleside Primary School