The Raleigh Learning Trust was established in April 2017. Ambleside Primary School joined the Raleigh Learning Trust on 1st February 2018. The Governance Team maintains strategic and statutory responsibility for Raleigh Learning Trust academies and services. In addition to the Governance Team, Academy Advisory Councils may be established to support the Principal of each growth Raleigh Learning Trust Academy in the appropriate day to day procedures of the Academy (through feedback and advice) and to identify opportunities to further improve the life experiences and career possibilities of pupils within the academy.

Within the Raleigh Learning Trust, the Board of Directors intercommunicates with the Board of Members and has overall responsibility for all academies in the Trust. Each academy has its own Senior Leadership Team (SLT) who are responsible for internal organisation, management and the deployment of teaching and non-teaching staff.

Information regarding the governance and leadership of the Raleigh Learning Trust can be accessed here :

RLT Leadership and Governance

Statutory information, including financial information, regarding the Raleigh Learning Trust can be accessed here:

RLT Statutory Information


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