Ambleside Primary School Governing Body Membership

Autumn Term 2016

Photo Name Term of Office Type of Governor
IMG0291 Karen Hannon 1st April 2013 onwards Principal
IMG0462 Edith Pagliacci
Academy member
Chair of governors
1st April 2013-2017 Sponsor Governor
656350 Paul Donovan
Vice chair
Academy member
1st April 2013-2017 Sponsor Governor
Mark Precious 1st April 2013-2017 Sponsor Head Teacher
656349 Mark Bligh
Academy member
1st April 2013-2017 Sponsor Governor
656352 Rosemary Chapman 1st April 2013-2017 Sponsor Governor
Brian Prescott 22nd March 2016-2019 Parent Governor
730459 Pat Hilliard 1st October 2014-2018 Sponsor Governor
656346 Lisa Grocock 1st April 2013-2017 Parent
656351 Vincent Wilks 1st April 2013-2017 Parent
Tracy Ryan 22nd March 2016-2019 Staff
Paul Shephard 22nd March 2016-2019 Staff
656344 Glenda Trueman 1st April 2013-2017 Staff

No Governor has any pecuniary interests.

Current Vacancies:

x2 Sponsor Governor

Additional Appointments could be made under:
Article 50 from the Memorandum and Articles of Association ~ for one Governor
Plus Governors appointed under articles 62, 62A, 63, 68A, from the Memorandum and Articles of Association

What does the Governing Body do?

The Governing Body is a team of people who play an important role in making decisions, planning and supporting the school. They are responsible for different aspects of the school such as promoting high standards of achievement, finances, staffing and premises.

What is the purpose of the Governing Body?

The governors oversee the management the academy on behalf of academy trust and their key responsibilities are:

  • To ensure the high quality of educational provision.
  • To challenge and monitor the performance of the academy.
  • To manage the academy trust finances and property.
  • To be the employer of staff.
  • To comply with and ensure that the academy trust complies with charity and company law.
  • To manage and comply with the obligations and the funding agreement.

What do Governors do?

The Full Governing Body (all Governors) meets twice each term for about two hours each time. There is a formal agenda with an external Clerk to the Governors taking notes which become the official minutes of the meeting. The Head Teacher provides a full update of the previous few months in a Head Teacher Report and the governors share information about committee meetings, governors’ visits and governor monitoring.

Governors are expected to make both formal and informal visits to the school on a regular basis to ensure that they are well informed about the school. They are usually part of any recruitment process for new staff. Governors are expected to attend regular training sessions including induction training and safeguarding training.

How do I contact the Governing Body?

Contact the Chair of Governors by emailing her (click here) or writing to her at the school.

When do the Governing body meet?

Click here to find out the dates of the full governing and sub committee meetings

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