A message from the children

A message from the children…

“I love to be at Ambleside Academy – it’s the best school I’ve ever been to. This is because the children are really kind and fun to play with. The teachers are really nice and helpful and they listen to us. In lessons we are learning to find out about things, like about the rainforest, from books and the virtual reality experience. For reading, we have little characters like Literal Lion, Authorial Aardvark, and the Inferring Ibex, and they help us with what we need to do, like picking out answers or making a sensible guess about how someone might feel. Maths is quite hard, like subtracting fractions but it’s my best lesson!

We have all different kind of trips like going to Cadbury’s World when we were reading Charlie and the Chocolate factory, and some people might go on a residential trip like going camping at Colwick. I would welcome you to the school – I think you’ll like it.”

Charlie (Year 4 Frog Class)

Ambleside Primary School